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Frequently asked questions

This page is under construction.

General use

‣ My favorite spots have disappeared. Why?

The favorites can disapear in the following cases:

  • if you clear your browser's cookies or HTML5 Local Storage
  • if there is only few space left on your device - the system can decide to do some cleaning on it’s own.
  • it might also happens if you clean your system with some antivirus or some privacy software

‣ How do I add/edit a paragliding spot or anything else on the map?

See the dedicated page

‣ Since I updated iOS, the app no longer works

If your app no longer works after an iOS update, uninstall the app then reinstall it. It should work again.

We are trying to figure why this happens. It looks like Apple changed something which broke compatibility.

My contributor access

‣ I lost my password. How do I get a new one?

You can try the password reset procedure :

  • go to
  • open the menu
  • if you are logged in : click on your email address on the bottom of the menu, then on 'Change password'
  • if you are not logged in : click on "Login" on the menu, then on 'Reset your password'
  • enter the new password you want
  • click on the confirmation link you received by email

If you are experiencing troubles, send us an email.

‣ How can I change the email or phone number associated with my account?

Send us an email detailling the old and the new one. We will make the change.

‣ How do I unsubscribe?

Your contributor access is valid for one year. It won't autorenew. So there is nothing to do if you want to unsubscribe.