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Add/edit something on the map

Meteo-Parapente map is generated with data coming from the fabulous work of OpenStreetMap and ParaglidingEarth communities.

The good news is: if something is wrong or missing, you can fix it yourself!

Your improvements will be visible on the map on it's monthly update.

Aerodromes and geography:

Aerodromes and geographical elements come directly from the OpenStreetMap database.

OpenStreetMap is a collaborative map, following the Wikipedia spirit.

If you want to edit Aerodromes or the other geographical elements on Meteo-Parapente, you need to make the edits directly on OpenStreetMap.

Here is some helpful resources:

Paragliding spots:

The data about paragliding spots comes from ParaglidingEarth.

ParaglidingEarth is the worldwide map of paragliding, in the philosophy of Wikipedia.

If you want to make improvements or corrections to Meteo-Parapente paragliding spots, it must be done directly on ParaglidingEarth. And the good news it that you can do it yourself!

Your improvements will be visible on the map and in the search engine on their monthly update.

Quick guide

Register on ParaglidingEarth:

Add a new spot :

  • Add new menu

Edit or delete an existing spot:

  • Zoom and click on the spot of interest, then click on Click for details
  • There's two links on top:
  • To edit: Edit information on left
  • To delete: Delete this site on right