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Meteo-Parapente Tour 2022


We are traveling from clubs to clubs to meet you and offer free weather trainings.

  • the basics of numerical weather prediction
  • the different weather models
  • learn how to check the forecasts for our activities
  • how to recognize a good or a bad day
  • discussions and feedbacks about Meteo-Parapente

Any pilot or weather enthusiast is welcome, from beginner to world champion.

We will organise different trips in several countries, between May and August. The dates will depends on the requests we get from you.

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Next meetings

Here is the list of meetings already scheduled. It will be updated regularly. Be sure to check it often.

The meetings are free and open to everyone.

France, Alpes du Sud

25/05 : Gourdon

Mercredi 25 mai - 18h45 - Salle Club House
Contact local : Augrédel'air (Arthur) /

26/05 : Saint-André-les-Alpes

Jeudi 26 mai - ATTENTION CHANGEMENT! de 18h à 20h - chez Aérogliss
Contact local : Aérogliss /

27/05 : Digne-les-Bains

Vendredi 27 mai - de 18 à 20h - Stade Jean-Rolland Contact local : Bléon'Ailes (Sébastien) /

28/05 : Tallard (proche de Gap)

Samedi 28 mai - de 10h à 12h - Aérodrome de Tallard, Maison de l'air, salle Jean boyer
Contact local : Differen'ciel (Fred) /

28/05 : Aspres sur Buëch

Samedi 28 mai - de 18 à 20h - Aérodrome du Chevalet, chalet de l'école de parapente
Contact local : Entre ciel et Buëch (David) /

29/05 : Mens

Dimanche 29 mai - de 10h à 12h - chez Aérosat
Contact local : Envol Sud Isère (Léo) /

Spain and Portugal

From June 1st to 7th. Details will be released as soon as possible.


Local contact: Pablo /


(Orduña, Orozko or Sopelana)
Local contact : Club Parapente Gorobel (Jon) /

Under investigation

  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Porto
  • Bilbao
  • Festival Internacional del Aire, el Yelmo
  • Your place?

France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovakia, Austria, UK, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium...

To be announced...

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