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Data sources

Weather data

Meteo-Parapente runs it's own NWP model, which have been specifically tuned for soaring.

The resolution is approximately 2.5km for the central zone and 7.5km for the dashed outer zone.

The model runs on a HPC supercomputer, just like the ones you find at NASA. (ours is slightly smaller 😉 but we still have a huge electricity bill)

The core of the model is based on a modified version of the WRF-ARW and custom software that have been freely inspired from DrJack's RASP Blipmaps.

The initial and boundary conditions (=input data) comes from the GFS coupled to a lot of others datasets (NOAA, NASA, USGS, Copernicus, DWD, Météo-France...).


The geographical data comes from OpenStreetMap


The airspace map is provided by openAIP - Worldwide aviation database